the fairer commission

pay only for the hours worked


The final brokerage is always between 2290-2990€


The final brokerage is always between 1880-2990€

real estates

The final brokerage is always between 2480-3990€

why ReiluLKV?

Replacing an apartment is costly and significantly reduces people’s desire to move. The biggest costs of changing the home are the commission, the transfer tax, the possible sales tax and the actual removal costs themselves.

Take the example of a family who would like to move from Lahti to Jyväskylä. The family owns a € 200,000 townhouse in Lahti and would like to buy a similar one in Jyväskylä. The average commission is about 4% of the selling price, or 8,000 euros. The transfer tax on the new apartment is 2%, ie 4,000 euros and the removal costs can be estimated at 1,500 euros. The total cost of the moving is therefore at least € 13,500. It does not sound very fair.

what does ReiluLKV do to improve the situation?

Fair to convey apartments ALWAYS to € 2290-2990. In this case, the total cost of the change will drop to a minimum of EUR 8,500 and the commission itself will receive a 63-71% discount. This is possible because ReiluLKV has eliminated all the unnecessary functions out of action and uses the latest technology. We at ReiluLKV believe that this reduction in cost levels will significantly increase people’s relocation and boost housing sales.

Although ReiluLKV is the cheapest real estate brokerage chain on the market, we offer the same services and at least equal quality as other companies in the industry. The price is therefore very fair for the customer. Secondly, brokerage agents themselves can keep 100% of showing fees unlike other chains. This is also very fair.

ReiluLKV was founded in 2018. The first office was opened in Lahti in summer 2018 and in the next four years the chain will expand to all cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants in Finland. The new era of real estate brokerage has begun!